Sweating Excessive

Sweating Excessive

Excessive Sweating While Sleeping At Night

Have you found yourself waking up at night or in the morning and finding your sheets stained with sweatc Do you feel clammy or sticky when you sleepc If so, you are experiencing night sweats. Night sweats are suffered by a great number of people, and there are quite a few remedies for it. More likely than not, when you sweat excessively during sleep, you also sweat excessively while awake, even without performing strenuous physical activity or without being in a hot environment. Here are some tips on how to reduce sweating at night.

Choose your fabrics well. Some fabrics are not breathable, meaning they do not allow air to flow through easily. This means air is trapped, and any heat you release from your body gets trapped as well. Choose sheets and blankets that are breathable. If you must, sleep without blankets or without clothes. This may seem rather strange, but the difference in terms of temperature may be enough to keep you from triggering your own sweat responses. These methods may be difficult to employ in areas where nights can get cold, so use your common sense before trying this one out.

It is also possible to find sweat wicking pajamas. These clothes for sleeping are able to absorb more moisture, meaning that your sweat does not stay on your skin and instead is absorbed. This will not necessarily reduce the amount of sweat you produce during sleep, but it will help you get better sleep. These need to be washed just a little more carefully than normal clothes though.

If you find that the smell of your sweat is affecting your sheets, then you might want to try taking a shower at night, about an hour before going to sleep. Dry your body and hair properly before lying down. You may find that you reduce sweating at night, or reduce the resulting smells.

Lastly, it is possible that your night sweats are indicative of some underlying medical or hormonal condition. Night sweats are associated with tuberculosis, HIV infection, menopause, thyroid and pituitary gland issues, some cancers, hypoglycemia, and nightmares. You may have to go to a doctor or psychiatrist to find out if any of these or other related ailments are present in your situation. As always, if it has something to do with your body and you are not sure what it is, get a health professional’s opinion.


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7 Responses to “Excessive Sweating While Sleeping At Night”

  • Anonymous says:

    what causes excessive sweating at night?
    My man sweats that much while sleeping the sheets get drenched and we now have to have seperate blankets.

    he has had blood tests done which rule out most medical illnesses but I can’t understand why it happens. Please help.

    • DAVID W says:

      Sweating happens when your core body temperature rises due to overheating. The reason why you perspire is to loose heat by evaporation. He may have an excellent heating system and only need light bed clothes and nobody close to him.
      Your body’s heating is unique and can be maintained by the hypothalamus, the regulator, very close to 37 degrees C through very extreme hot and cols situations. He is overheating because his body lacks cooling fluid around his organs because when he perspires he looses salt and water which destabilises the metabolic system. It may help if he drinks more fluid, preferably not coke or fizzy drinks as they contain too much sugar and your body demands more water and insulin to turn sugar into glucose and that will dehydrate the body and make things worse. Alcohol and sweet fizzy drinks are diuretics and can cause lots of problems.

  • Anonymous says:

    Excessive sweating while sleeping?
    Im a 29 year old male and i exercise every night for about 2-3 hours then have dinner and go to bed 3 hours after training. The last few weeks I have been waking up in the middle of the night saturated from sweating.
    Could this be because the body is still burning calories? Am i not drinking enough water to keep my core cool? Or could there be another problem?
    Its winter here at the moment and I only have a medium thickness blanket so I dont get particulary hot in bed. Could it be a cold sweat?

    any information would be helpfully.

    thanks in advance and regards!

  • iDizzle says:

    Excessive sweating at night due to too much caffeine?
    Hi there. Sorry I just asked this question, but my friend brought up a good point to me. So I find myself waking up in the middle of the night a few times a week due to excessive sweating. I’m 22years old and don’t take meds and I’m healthy as far as I know. But my week consists of 15 hour days. Mon-Fri I work 8AM-5PM, than go to school from 5:30PM until 10:00PM, than I go home and do homework and usually go to sleep at around 12PM-1PM. So because of my hectic weekly schedule I do consume alot of caffeine. Every morning I have a Monster energy drink, and I drink black tea throughout the day while at work. When I get off work, I have another Monster energy drink before I go to school. However there is about a 5-6hour window from my last Monster energy drink until I go to sleep. Yes, I do have a bit of trouble sleeping, but that is usually normal for me. But is it possible that the caffeing causes the night sweats, even though my last dose of caffeine was 5-6hours before sleep time? My friend suggested that it may cause increased heart rate during sleep. Thank you all!

    • Hydroace says:

      That is a lot of caffeine, iDizzle. Try forgetting the energy drink in the morning; take a cool shower. Try backing off the caffeine a bit during the day and see where the tipping point is – how little caffeine can you get by with and still function and be alert. Will your body stay alert on a placebo (decaf or green tea or even just hot water)?
      Once you’ve found the tipping point, back off a little more; if you feel you’re losing concentration while studying, take a 5 minute break to stretch and do some pushups or situps at home, or take a quick walk if you’re elsewhere. Any quick and easy exercise will give you a shot of endorphins to give you the kick you need, and your overall stamina level will improve as you exercise more and ramp your metabolism up.
      Otherwise, check out the link below to see some of the solutions I’ve played with to get rid of night sweats. Hope this helps.

  • Anonymous says:

    What are some cures for excessive sweating while sleeping at night?

    • Briony says:

      While these night sweats can be a hassle, it can also be a sign of a serious medical condition. First, I know you have fixed the problem of the room being too hot, because then it wouldn’t be a mystery so here are some other possibilities:
      1. Menopause
      2. Idiopathic hyperhidrosis
      3. Infections
      4. Cancer
      5. Medications
      6. Hypoglycemia
      7. Hormone Disorders
      8. Neurologic conditions

      Now the idiopathic hyperhidrosis is a fancy way of saying someone sweats at night for no apparent medical reason. Sometimes when we have infections we get fevers that are usually not detected, called low grade fevers in which the temp only goes up by a degree or two, but just like with a 103 degree fever we sweat. My uncle used to have bad night sweats and he was later diagnosed with diabetes, which in turn meant he got hypoglycemic at night (low blood sugar). Depending on you medications, they may be the cause. Neurologic disorders such as autonomic dysreflexia, post-traumatic syringomyelia, stroke, and autonomic neuropathy can cause severe night sweating. A horomonal disorder such as hyperthyroidism can also be the cause.

      As for curing it, find the cause and cure the cause or manage it in some cases.

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